Laser Cladding

Focuslight Diode laser surface treatment system, Dlight, has 7 authorized domestic invention patents, and has a number of utility patent and appearance patents. This product is based on our core technology in the direction of diode laser light source. At the same time, by combining the optical design capabilities and micro-optical lens production capabilities, it enhances the optical performance of Dlight product.

Laser Cleaning

Laser cleaning is considered to be the most reliable and effective solution compared to conventional has lots of advantages such as non-abrasive, non-contact, non-thermal effects and suitable for various materials.

Focuslight's diode laser products are used in the solid-state laser side pump, and finally used in the laser cleaning market. It has the characteristics of high cleaning efficiency and high precision.

Solid-state Laser Pumping

With the rapid development of emerging industries such as cold-working precision marking and cutting, the demand for ultra-fast, UV solid-state laser pumping sources has increased rapidly. Focuslight provide fiber-optic coupling modules and their wavelength-locked products with advanced fiber coupling and optical shaping technology, specialized packaging, optical design and Process development capability,are widely used in mobile phone screen cutting and plastic marking markets.

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