3rd Industry Forum of Applications of High Power Semiconductor Lasers Held at Focuslight
Release time:2017-09-30

Xi’an, China -- The 3rd Industry Forum of Applications of High Power Semiconductor Lasers were successfully held at Focuslight on September 21, 2017. Co-hosted by Focuslight and LIMO, this forum is dedicated to building a platform for communications on development and applications of semiconductor lasers among industry experts, academic researchers, customers and suppliers. More than 250 people from China, Japan, and Europe were among the total attendance for a number of keynote speeches and session talks and panel discussions.  

In keynote speeches, Dr. Ying Gu, the first member of Chinese Academy of Science in medical laser field described a wide range of laser applications in clinical medicine and demonstrated the effectiveness of lasers in medical diagnosis, therapy & surgery. Dr. Jiang Wang, Dean of Academy of Opto-electronics, presented technology and applications of high power nanosecond lasers. Focuslight CEO Dr. Victor Liu shared his insights about widening applications of semiconductor lasers by effectively integrating diode laser technology and micro-optics beam shaping technology.  LIMO CEO Dr. Guido Bonati demonstrated how innovations drive new applications.  

Three sessions were organized to address semiconductor laser applications in life science, materials processing and solid laser pumping. 

In the life science session, doctors from famous hospitals shared their experiences in applying lasers to abdominal surgery, dentistry, aesthetic ,oral and skin treatments and other medical applications. They also gave their insights about the future trend of medical and aesthetic applications of lasers. 

In the solid laser pumping session, technical experts discussed applications of semiconductor lasers as pumping source for high power fiber lasers and high brightness solid state lasers, and shared technology development in their research fields.   

In the materials processing session, Mario Goehre from cleanLASER presented growing industrial applications of laser cleaning technology.  Applications of higher power lasers in material welding, cutting, cladding and illumination were also shared by other technical experts.  


The year of 2017 marks Focuslight’s 10th anniversary and Limo’s 25th anniversary.  A celebration party was held with our partners to show our appreciation for their loyal support over the years at the forum.  With the integration of Focuslight and LIMO as one company,  Focuslight and LIMO are committed to offering our customers highly enhanced and well-tailored laser solutions, and more versatile customization services, by combining Focuslight’s expertise in diode laser technology and LIMO’s world-leading micro-optics beam shaping technology. 

A glimpse of the 3rd forum   

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