Focuslight Completes Acquisition of LIMO
Release time:2017-05-19

Xi’an, China, May 9, 2017— High power diode laser provider Focuslight Technologies Inc. (Focuslight, China NEEQ: 835243) today announced the completion of its acquisition of LIMO Lissotschenko Mikrooptik GmbH (LIMO), a Germany-based world leading supplier of micro-optics. Focuslight funded the transaction by issuing shares of stock to investors.


LIMO has built a worldwide reputation with its refractive micro-optics and beam shaping systems for all types of lasers over the past 25 years. Recently LIMO has added the capability of 3D free-form surfaces to its range of micro-optic product portfolio for use in various established and emerging laser applications and in the imaging and sensor fields. With its core competence uniquely combining optics design with laser systems and materials processing know-how, it makes LIMO an important and reliable partner for specialized laser solutions in various industries. LIMO produces optical components in a wafer-based batch process, making it possible to cost-effectively manufacture several thousand lenses in a single step. LIMO’s production process is numerically controlled and monitored. This allows series production of lenses that deliver consistently high quality.


“Focuslight and LIMO are highly complementary in technology and products,” said Dr. Victor Liu, Focuslight president and CEO. “With the combination of our expertise in diode laser packaging technology with LIMO’s world-leading micro-optics beam shaping technology, we will offer our customers highly enhanced and well-tailored laser solutions, a much broader product portfolio, and more versatile customized services. There is a great synergy between the two companies.”


“Focuslight and LIMO have been great partners in the past already. Victor is a well-respected scientist and entrepreneur in the high power diode laser industry. Focuslight has proved its excellence and has become one of the leading suppliers in the high power diode laser industry. I am pleased to put LIMO in the good hands of Dr. Liu and his team. I am confident that the combination of Focuslight and LIMO will be a win-win situation for both companies”, said Dr. Vitalij Lissotschenko, the founder and ex-owner of LIMO.


"This transaction will give LIMO more financial flexibility to develop innovative technologies, reduce cost by additional capital investment and help LIMO to exploit new markets and new applications” commented Dr. Guido Bonati, CEO of LIMO. “Together, we will offer our customers more comprehensive and high quality laser and optical solutions.”


For the integration and cohesive development of Focuslight and LIMO, Dr. Chung-En Zah, Focuslight CTO and Managing Director of LIMO, commented, “The widespread applications of high power diode lasers are limited by the poor beam quality which is a fundamental limitation of high power diode lasers. Beam shaping micro-optics control and deliver photons emitted by light sources to the right place at the right time. To unlock the potential of high power diode lasers and open up new dimensions in applications, diode laser light sources and beam shaping micro-optics should be designed cohesively. This is the value we can provide to our customers with the addition of LIMO.”


Liu concluded, “While LIMO has been providing customers with micro optic components, we will further strengthen LIMO’s optical technology, products and solutions in related key industries, such as semiconductor manufacturing, flat-panel display production, medical device manufacturing and the automotive industry. We are committed to LIMO’s growth and will invest in LIMO to enhance LIMO’s leadership position in micro optics and optical beam shaping systems. We are excited about the cohesive growth of Focuslight and LIMO, and are committed to offering customers increased value with diode laser light resources and optical solutions.” 


About Focuslight

Founded in 2007, Focuslight Technologies Inc. is headquartered in Xi’an, China. Focuslight is a high power semiconductor laser company that develops and manufactures high power diode laser components, subassemblies and modules, for applications in advanced manufacturing, life science, research and engineering, and lighting and display. With its extensive engineering expertise in thermal, optical and mechanical design, die bonding, optical assembling, fiber coupling and system integration, Focuslight is dedicated to providing customers with well-matched comprehensive solutions that enable our customers’ success in their own business.


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About LIMO


Founded in 1992, for more than 20 years LIMO has been known in the photonics industry as the leading company in laser beam shaping. At LIMO’s headquarter in Dortmund (Germany), a team of  about 180 people including engineers, physicists, technicians and many other specialized staff develops, manufactures and sells innovative micro-optics and laser systems. 

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