Focuslight Announced New 760nm Products in the FocusMed™ Diode Laser Series
Release time:2014-11-27


Xi’an, China, September, 2014- Focuslight Technologies announced new 760nm wavelength diode laser products in the FocusMed™ Series to meet the Medical/Aesthetic market needs.  The new 760nm products are focused to serve the laser hair removal market.  The FocusMed™ series leverages the advantages and benefits from Focuslight’s advanced packaging technologies.  This product is compatible with either deionized water or industrial water for cooling to achieve high-power output.





Figure(1) FocusMed™ series



Aimed at the demand of the hair removal market, the new 760nm wavelength products offer customers more design and application choices.  The output power is 40W/bar with stable lifetime of over 107 pulses.  Figure (2) shows the output power and spectrum data under the condition of 200ms QCW, 2Hz and 40% duty cycle.  Figure (3) shows the MCC single bar test data.





Figure (2) the output power and spectrum data under 200ms QCW,2Hz and duty 40%cycle



Figure (3) The MCC single bar test data


As shown in figure (4), compared with traditional the 808nm wavelength, the 760nm wavelength is better absorption of melanin as well as less water and hemoglobin absorption.  As a result, the new 760nm products can achieve improved hair removal results with less pain.  FocusMed™ 760nm wavelength products are good options for diode laser hair removal manufacturers and end-users.



Figure(4) the comparison of 760nm and 808nm


All products of FocusMed™ series complies with green environmental requirement and RoHs standards.


About Focuslight:
Founded in 2007, Focuslight Technologies is a fast growing high-tech company committed to research, development and manufacturing of high power diode lasers. Headquartered in Xian Shaanxi, China, Focuslight provides products to a variety of customers consisting of OEM, ODM and system integrators worldwide. With its extensive engineering expertise in thermal, optical and mechanical design to die bonding, FAC assembling and fiber coupling to system integration, Focuslight is dedicated to provide customers with well-matched comprehensive solutions for their specific needs. For more information, please visit





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