Focuslight Signed a Large Order Contract for Industrial Application in Germany
Release time:2014-12-31


Xi’an, China, December  02, 2014 – Focuslight Technologies, your "Trusted Partner" in advanced high power diode lasers, has won a multiple quarters large contract in Germany for industrial pumping application.

Germany is one of the most stringent and dominant region that uses high power diode laser for the industrial pumping applications.  “Winning in Germany’s industrial sector confirms Focuslight diode laser technology’s leadership and products are ready to compete head to head in the diode laser’s industry Tier 1 market and players,” states Steven C. Chen, VP of Sales and Marketing.  “We have been working with this customer for 1 year to develop a product for harsh and demanding industrial working conditions.  Customer’s results confirmed Focuslight’s product exceeded all critical performance limits against the current US manufacturer/supplier.  Focuslight won, as a “trusted partner,” based on 4 key parameters:  diode laser technical leadership, quality product, strong technical support and value.  We are expecting to sign a second contract in 2015 for another product.”

Focuslight Technologies’ overseas expansion successes are reinforced by multiple key industrial projects at several countries.  The Focuslight name is quickly getting recognized for technology leadership, quality products, services and value resulting in fast-growing international interests.  Focuslight will continue to focus on its momentum in expanding its global presence and to bring customized service and added value closer to overseas customers.



About Focuslight:
Founded in 2007, Focuslight Technologies is a fast growing high-tech company committed to research, development and manufacturing of high power diode lasers. Headquartered in Xi’an Shaanxi, China, Focuslight provides products to a variety of customers consisting of OEM, ODM and system integrators worldwide. With its extensive engineering expertise in thermal, optical and mechanical design to die bonding, FAC assembling and fiber coupling to system integration, Focuslight is dedicated to provide customers with well-matched comprehensive solutions for their specific needs. For more information, please visit




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