Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is currently the safest, fastest and long-lasting hair removal technology. The principle is to use the "selective photothermic effect" of the laser. The laser of a specific wavelength directly illuminates the hair follicle through the epidermis. The melanin of the hair follicle and hair shaft selectively absorbs light energy, and the thermal effect produced destroys the hair follicle to prevent hair growth, and does not affect the normal skin tissue, thereby achieving the effect of safe, convenient and permanent hair removal.

The laser produced by Focuslight adopts the German/US top chip and hard solder packaging technology, combined with LIMO's unique optical technology, with the advantages of high peak power, narrow pulse width and uniform spot, which can achieve high efficiency and painless hair removal. Focuslight's market share of hair removal is in a leading position.

Medical Beauty

Laser has excellent performance in detection and treatment effects due to its photothermic action with human tissues. The application is widely used in life sciences such as disease detection, surgery, rehabilitation physiotherapy, beauty and body care. High-power diode lasers developed and produced by Focuslight have been widely used in the fields of fat-dissolving, oral, anti-aging, urinary diseases, and vascular diseases. At the same time, Focuslight  has strengthened the research and development of lasers in new applications in response to customer needs, also keep developing new areas of laser medical cosmetic applications.

In the preparation of modern medical equipment, the diode laser produced by Focuslight is the main light source of laser medical equipment. It is mainly used in lighting and surgical light source. It combines high-top chip and excellent optical system, and has long life, high reliability and stable power. Focuslight performs a leading position in the field of modern laser medical equipment.


Laser medical is an important area of laser application. All light in the laser beam has high monochromaticity, high directivity, high brightness and good coherence. In the medical field, it mainly uses the characteristics of high brightness and high directivity of laser. The laser controls the size of the focused spot through the lens, changes the power density, and makes the temperature at a certain point of the human body reach the required temperature, and solidifies, decomposes, and even melts and vaporizes the diseased tissue in a very short time. The laser moves at a certain speed instead of the traditional surgical scalpel to gasify and cut various soft and hard lesions of the human body. It has high precision, small wound and fusion at any time, and is basically painless, sterile and less bleeding. At the same time, lasers of different wavelengths can be selected according to the needs, the size of the spot can be adjusted, the human lesion area can be covered for irradiation, and the treatment can be carried out at different depths, or the laser can be introduced into the diseased organ through the optical fiber in cooperation with a computer and X-ray equipment. 

Non-invasive Lipolysis

Laser fat-removal is the use of laser to penetrate the skin, , selectively heat the fat cells to achieve the effect of slimming and shaping. At present, the effect of laser Fat-removal has been recognized, it can be close to the skin, and there is no specific requirement for thickness. Laser Fat-removal technology has completed FDA certification. It is an approved and effective way to lose weight. Therefore, laser Fat-removal will become the mainstream way of weight loss industry with market promotion and customer recognition.

Laser Facial

The home laser skin rejuvenation instrument has a relatively good effect on skin rejuvenation and wrinkle, and has obvious improvement effects on acne marks, acne pits and wrinkles. The home laser rejuvenation developed by Foculight is a product for home use in wrinkle removal and sputum. It adopts the gold standard of 1470nm in the domestic laser rejuvenation industry, and this wavelength is the safe for the human eye. 

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